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April 29, 2010
Communications Museum

communicationuseum1 V-Tones at Communications Museum TONIGHT! (Ukelinguists)OK, so the guy with peanut butter is walking down the street sending messages in Morse Code on his wireless telegraph (or if you insist upon using the modern term, a “radio”) and not paying attention, and another guy is texting while carrying chocolate so he’s not looking either, and they run into each other,  but it’s a good thing because the chocolate in the peanut butter tastes good, and the peanut butter on the chocolate likewise, and you think to yourself: “Self, how can I have exciting combinations happen like that in my life, even though I’m a food separatist who hates it even when the corn mixes in with the mashed potatoes?”

VTONES1 V-Tones at Communications Museum TONIGHT! (Ukelinguists)Well, as usual, I will cure more of the world’s problems by suggesting you come to the lovely and endlessly fascinating Communications Museum at 7:30 p.m.TONIGHT Thursday, April 29th, 2010, where you may witness The V-Tones, a roving band of minstrels featuring actual ukelinguists, as they walk down the street trying to figure out why some stringed instruments are tuned upside down when compared to others, while a shady gang of  silent films, recently escaped from the local vault for the criminally insane, accidentally run into them on purpose, thereby creating the highly entertaining LIVE MUSIC SOUNTRACK TO CLASSIC SILENT SHORT MOVIES!!!!!

Films will include “Hard Times” by the kid who was constantly thrown around as a child (true story!) and was therefore called “Buster” Keaton, some Edison shorts (as opposed to long pants, but yet not “cut-offs”) (“but yet” doesn’t sound like very proper English, now does it?), a cartoon with “Little Lulu,” and a clip from a 1903 version of “Alice in Wonderland!”  Music will include notes such as “E,” “G,” and the ever-popular “C!”  And more! And for FREE!  And you may indeed tour the museum too!

V-Tones Web site

MySpace is fine, but museum curators like ShelfSpace better!


Rick Zender, Curator

John Rivers Communications Museum
58 George StreetCharleston, S.C  29424
(843) 953-5810

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