This Week’s Study Skills Seminar: Tried and True–Study Tips from Successful Students! - College of Charleston Libraries

October 8, 2010

Do students respect and appreciate words of wisdom and advice from their professors, advisors, coaches, and other campus professionals? Of course they do. Are they more likely to heed the advice of a student who has ‘been there, done that’ in the trenches of college life a mere few semesters before them? Perhaps. The benefits of peer leading, mentoring, counseling and coaching are noted more and more frequently on college campuses, including the College of Charleston.  At this week’s Study Skills Seminar

  • Tried and True! Study Tips from Student Mentors
  • Wednesday, October 13 at 6 pm
  • Thursday, October 14 at 4 pm
  • Education Center 118
  • Snacks served!

Students will benefit from the collective academic experience of the New Student Programs’ Student Mentors, as they share their best and most ‘tried’ study tips on Managing Multiple Heavy Reading Classes, Using Class Notes Effectively, Preparing for and Taking College Tests, Getting the Most Out of Group Work, and Handling the Stress of College Life.

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Semester after semester, students indicate that this is one of their favorite Seminars, that the tips are “right on target”, and the Mentors are “fun and relatable”. I hope you will encourage your students to join us this week!

For more information contact:

Lindy Coleman
Coordinator, Study Skills program
Center for Student Learning


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