This Week’s Study Skills Seminar: Stop the Clock! Making the Most of Your Study Time! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, September 1-3. - College of Charleston Libraries

August 27, 2010
Events, Center for Student Learning

Students may still be basking in those last few lazy, hazy days of summer, but in the very near future the lament will be heard, as it is every semester: “There just isn’t enough time in the day!” Before their cries of anguish ring out, please encourage your students to attend this week’s Study Skills Seminar

Stop the Clock! Making the Most of your Study Time
Wednesday, September 1 at 6pm
Thursday, September 2 at 4 pm
ECTR 118


Friday, September 3 at 12 noonStudy Skills Lab, Center for Student Learning
Snacks served!

The seminars will focus on honestly assessing how time is used during a typical day, goal-setting, and prioritizing tasks and activities, as well as examining the tools available—many of them free!—for creating monthly and weekly calendars and daily to-do lists! Students will leave with new ideas about making the best use of their time, as well as resources to help them put these ideas into practice!

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