Poetics open mic and poetry series w/ Chris Gelling - College of Charleston Libraries

February 17, 2011

Tonight, Thursday, February 17th from 7:30 until 10:00 pm at The Communications Museum at 58 George Street there will be another installment of the monthly “Poeticsopen mic and poetry series.  Your host will be the awesome Chris Gelling, who just e-mailed me that the speaker (not the human kind like me that make people look at their watch, or even their calendar, and say how long is this guy going to be up there?, but the good kind, the inanimate kind, that obediently pours forth music freely!-how did you like the combination of the words “obedient” and “freely” in the same phrase?) (now where was I?) we were told might have been originally sold with the Theremin ACTUALLY WAS sold by RCA as the speaker for the Theremin!  And it was in our collection all along!  This is huge news!  Huge for theremaniacs, as well as all other sufferers of some form of mania!!!  Could this place GET any more amazing?  Only time will tell-no, wait, I think it is WE who TELL time!?!?!?  I’ll have to get back to you on this, but either way, it’s communicable, like a disease, no, I mean like a good thing!  Think of something good and insert it here……

And that is just upstairs!  Downstairs on Thursday at 7:30 pm, there will be a meeting of the student group “A.H.A.,” “a.k.a.” (also known as) the Atheist/Humanist Alliance, who are very nice people and will welcome students “a.w.a.” (as well as) non-students, “pwjla,” (people who just like acronyms), and even old people, hence my existence…..

For information contact:

Rick Zender

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