Newton Plantation Expense Book 1842-1867 - College of Charleston Libraries

October 24, 2012

Working with this book is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. The book has clearly not withstood the test of time as good as some of the others have. The leaves are torn, very tattered, brittle and falling apart. Thus making it very hard to scan since you want quality scans, while preserving the book as best as you can. 
It is interesting to see the way in which this particular book is set out.  It is the only one thus far to have an index.  This index indicates the pages on which particular accounts can be found.   These accounts are basically records of monetary transactions between companies such as George W. McClean & Co., Abrams  Clairemonte & Co.  and others,  as well as other plantations such as Turner’s Hall, Lower Estate and Spring Head to name a few. Some of the individuals doing business with Newton included Thomas Crumpton and Patrick Killkelly.
So far I have scanned and entered the metadata for over  200 pages.
This is just an update as I continue to process this book.

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