NEWTON PLANTATION DAY BOOK 1865 & NEWTON RENT BOOK 1862 - College of Charleston Libraries

October 5, 2012

After a bout of sickness with dengue fever I’m happy to be back here gaining details  and bits and pieces into the lives of the Newton Plantation owners and their daily recordings of what’s happening on the plantation.
This leaves us to wonder how they dealt with sickness on the plantation.  Since so far there have been no major recording of any sickness.  Also one may wonder how they categorized these illnesses.  Did these workers or plantation owners get sick back in the day? One really wonders! Hmmm…
The 1865 Day book contained the same basic information contained in the other Day Books that were   previously digitized…renters, the livestock and daily transactions on the plantation.
In these books a few new companies having business dealings with the plantation were introduced.  They are John Smith & Co., W. H. Boxill & Co. and Barron Laurie.
These two journals required extra special care because the bindings of both were loose, therefore getting them to line up properly, while still keeping them intact proved a bit of a challenge.  However, with some extra special care these tasks were completed.  The covers of the two journals proved to be the hardest of the lot to handle as they presented the most wear and tear.  But in the end persistence and patience prevailed.  One could see that these two are really battling and trying to withstand the test of time.
So I just put some music on, put my earphones in and got into my zone. 🙂
Next up….the last two rent books.

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