NEWTON EXPENSE BOOK 1842-1864 - College of Charleston Libraries

November 13, 2012

We have now completed the final of the expense books. Although this book wasn’t as interesting as some of the others, it was certainly the biggest. Hmm…both expense books were large, this leads us to wonder of the magnitude of business back in the day and the amount of economic activity that was taking place.
Well, we have reached the final stage of this phase of the project and I am eager to see the work that I have been doing posted on the LCDL website.  It’s a very emotionally overwhelming experience to know that I have been part of such an important activity that will ultimately share some of the history of my country with the rest of the world.
Now that this phase is over… but I can’t wait to continue (in the not too distant future) to be a part of such an uplifting experience. There are even more Newton Journals to be shared and I can’t wait for that opportunity.  The wealth of knowledge and insight that this history opens up to the mind to is awesome and brings on a thirst for acquiring even more knowledge about our past.
It has even opened up my mind to a possible career change should the opportunity come along.

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