Newton Day Book 1872 - College of Charleston Libraries

September 4, 2012

“Brandy, Whiteface, Blossom…” the plantation owner must love his cattle. He has spent the time to name all of his cattle as opposed to his horses, sheep and mules  for which he only takes into account increases or decreases.  His list of cattle is extensively detailed.
“They must have been producing some really good milk!”
While going through this book I had to be very cautious as the pages were very brittle, but one thing I did notice was that the writing style changed a bit on some accounts as though two persons were making the entries…Maybe the manager and the plantation owner. But either way, there seems to have been a standard way of recording the transactions because those guys did not miss a thing when it came to documentation.
Completing the scans for the 1872 day book was quite a task as the book is very tattered and some of the leaves are torn.  That being said, it was yet another adventure as I was able to read the accounts of some of the activities taking place on the plantation.
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a familiar name “Alleyne Arthur” a noted name in the Barbadian Rum Industry.  In the book, the company was a customer of the Newton Plantation from where supplies were purchased.
It’s interesting to see the name of a company with which I’m familiar today.
The Day Books have been  completed.  My next literary adventure begins on Monday with the1869 Cash Book.

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