More Survey Comments - College of Charleston Libraries

November 15, 2011

As promised, here are more survey results but before commenting on the survey, I’d like to mention the Jacob Murray Book Scholarship .

The Jacob Murray Memorial Book Fund is a $500 book stipend to assist students who have a demonstrated financial need.  The fund was established to honor Jacob Murray, an excellent reference librarian at the College of Charleston.  He served the College in addition to his full time work in the Charleston County Schools, including holding the rank of Assistant Principal at James Island High School for many years.  I encourage any student to apply but please read the application carefully, make sure that you meet all the criteria (GPA, etc.) and write and proofread your application.

Thank you.

Library Survey comments continued:

Faculty carrels.   We are investigating the faculty carrel model. We implemented this in the old library but the carrels were rarely utilized.  In the meantime, I encourage faculty to reserve and use room 136. Please contact the Circulation department for access – or 843.953.8001

More rooms to be able to use for quiet areas that are not group study rooms. Unfortunately there are no more rooms available for group or non-group study at this time.  As we carefully look at creatively using space in the library, we will consider creating more private spaces if we receive the funding to do so.

If the library allowed outside (off campus) access to the programs on the computers, that would be amazing. The library does offer off-campus access to library databases for College of Charleston students, faculty and staff. You should be able to use your MyCharleston credentials to gain access. If there is a specific program on the computer that you need access to, please come by and talk to us.  We’ll see if there are any options.

a more thorough set of online journal subscriptions in my fields. Please let us know what disciplines you’re interested in and we will not only look at our current resources but frequently review other resources for possible acquisition.  Also feel free to use the suggestion box if you have specific journals you would like to recommend.

Computer help for anything like excel etc for any subject projects. It is our hope to be able to provide our peer staff at the Information Desk with more training so that they will be able to provide “basic” support for Microsoft Office applications. This is a new project so it may take a little time to implement.

Better lighting, it’s too dim at night.  We’ve placed additional lamps on some of the tables.  Last Monday, we started replacing lights on the second and third floors but with the size of the building, this is quite a task. Please help us by letting us know the specific areas with low lighting and we will see how to best address the issue in those locations.

More clearly defined recycle bins. We will look at this problem.  At one time there was talk of providing funding for additional bins for the library but that never happened. One problem is that it’s hard finding a recycle bin that fits the décor of the library as the nicer ones are more expensive.

We could also use a set of computers that are specifially for more creative software. We have a few computers with video and music editing software however their use declined as other specialty/creativity labs were created on campus.

Stricter enforcement on keeping quiet on the third floor.  I’ll address this one in detail in a later post.

Better staff.  Personally, I think we have an excellent, hardworking and caring staff here; however, if you experience a problem please let me know.  I’d like to talk about it, get the details and work to resolve the issue.

Addlestone Library is open to the College of Charleston community and affiliates via card access. Visitors may access Addlestone Library Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and must present a government issued ID and sign in upon entry.