March 9 | Humanity in the 21st Century - College of Charleston Libraries

February 26, 2020
Friends of the Library, Events, Addlestone Library

The 2020 Faculty Lecture Series presents “Humanity in the 21st Century”

by Dr. Brian Bossak, School of Education, Health, and Human Performance

Humanity in the 21st century faces novel and complex existential questions that will require critical thinking from a well-educated populace. The entwinement of technological advances such as AI and biotechnology into the life experience of current and future generations promises change – but will that change lead to positive or negative outcomes? For the first time in history, the coming decades will lead to nothing short of divine power in the hands of human beings.

For centuries, people have spent their time and energy focusing on control of the ambient environment and other people. Soon, humans will be able to control and manipulate the world inside of us as well as gain additional control over the world outside. The power to extend life or selectively engineer humans (through biotechnology), create non-biological life (through AI), and perhaps even the ability to banish the traditional concept of death entirely (through the fusion of AI and biotechnology) will emerge, whether the human race is ready for it or not.

When: Monday, March 9 | 3:30 p.m.

Where: Addlestone Library Rm. 227

Tickets: Free and open to the public; Registration is required.

Food and refreshments will be available.

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