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June 10, 2009
Communications Museum


Yes, the rumours are TRUE!!!!

This Thursday, June 11th, at 8:00 p.m., the V-Tones return to the Communications Museum at 58 George to play a live (rhymes with “jive”) concert to accompany several short silent movies, including such faves as Buster Keaton. The fabulous V-Tones (don’t even think about asking what the “V” stands for!), Charleston’s premier ukulele-based band, are the perfect choice to add music and sound effects to classic silents, although they (the silent films, not The V-Tones) were never really silent, what with the pi-annies (pronounced “pi-annies”), the crunching of snacks, the non-permanent seats in the early days, the Wur

litzer organs, the human organs such as lungs and stomachs, the constant ringing of cell phones, the chatter, the nitrate-based film sputtering into flames when a frame jamming allows the carbon-arc projection light to ignite the film, the snores of the projectionist who really should be grabbing the scissors to cut the burning film from the rest of the reel, the gasp as he wakes up too late and finds the whole 15″ reel now on fire, the screaming of the panicked audience as they see the fire and flee towards the exit, the cursing of people getting shoved and knocked over, the slamming of the projection door in a vain attempt to isolate the fire, the crackling of the flames as they take down the whole theatre, well, you get the idea………and it’s all for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………

Yes, I’m telling you about this on Monday, even though it doesn’t take place until Thursday, and, horror upon horrors, you will NOT receive ANY reminders. Ah, now I’ll call on Carnak the Magnificent to read your thoughts:

Tuesday-“Oh, well, I’m OK. I don’t need a reminder yet.”

Wednesday-“He’s really not going to send us a reminder?”

Thursday-“MSG, I mean OMG! No reminder still? We can’t just show up-it’s unheard of!”

Well, everyone under the age of, oh, I don’t know exactly, maybe 60 or 70, and surely 80 and above, will just have to act as if they were of that more advanced age, and actually show up

at the agreed upon time! One of the things I love about those folks is how you can just communicate something to them such as a date or a chore, they acknowledge it, and then it really happens! If THEY call to confirm, it’s probably because they’re worried about whether YOU are going to show up. (M)LOL. I know, I know, you’re saying, “My mind has been blown! This can’t possibly be true!!!” Well,

just try it yo self!….

Rick Zender, Curator
John Rivers Communications Museum

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