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November 7, 2011
Services, Addlestone Library

Thank you for visiting the library whether virtually or physically.  On November 1, 2011 the library launched its annual user survey.  I can’t stress enough that many of the issues or questions raised on the survey could have been answered at the information desk, please contact them if you have questions or need information on any topic.  The following are a few of the comments from the survey and the library’s response.  Faculty concerns are a bit more complicated and will be addressed in next week’s post as well as student and other patron concerns.

Wish you had headphones – Working with the College Bookstore we now have headphones in the vending machine at the rear of the computer lab.

Separate section for the audio books – Unfortunately, we don’t have audio books in our collection. The Public library is the closest location for audiobooks and they are five blocks away from us on the same street.

More books on Africa – This request has been forwarded to the person responsible for ordering books in this area.

Double sided printing – The last software update from the vendor we use for print management ( the system that allows 300 free page prints) removed the duplex printing option and we are trying to get the vendor to reinstate it.  The real issue is that printing differs depending on the program you’re trying to print from. MSWord prints differently from Firefox.  There were issues printing from different software programs or applications within our print management software LPTOne, so the vendor removed the option.

Wireless printing – We’re working on testing this now.  Hope to be able to offer wireless printing in the Spring semester.

More journal databases, or the databases explaining which was is good for each major

We have research guides for each major and minor which help direct you to research by subject/discipline.

Research-guide-image-300x120 Library Survey comments

Paper next to the computers so you can write down your call numbers. – (Done!)  We’ve started placing small pads of paper and pencils by the standup computers on the second and third floor.  Somehow they keep disappearing.

Color printer – We have a color printer/copier in the computer lab area behind the information desk.  This copier/printer belongs to the copycenter so the 300 page print allocation does not apply to it.  At .35 per page, the cost is still much less than Kinko’s.

Pleasure books – We have a browsing collection located on mobile carts by the Calhoun Street entrance.  If you don’t see what you like, you can make a suggestion for purchase using our suggestion box.

Trainings on how to best conduct a search when seeking information (ie: research paper, etc.) – For assistance with basic searching, you can stop by the information desk at almost any time between 8am and 12am.  For more in depth assistance, you can schedule a research consultation with a Research librarian.

I wish the library made it possible to pay book fees online and improved their wireless internet service, it is almost impossible to get a signal during exams. The library is working with the College’s IT department to implement a system that allows the library database to talk to the Treasurer’s office so that fees paid at either location can be updated in realtime.  Also, the College’s IT department/Network Engineering will work on the wireless network in the library tonight 11/7/11 after closing.  Please help us by reporting any problems you experience with equipment, services or anything else to one of the service desks, the suggestion box or use the Ask Us chat feature.

reference manager for students and faculty (e.g., Refworks) – Unfortunately the library doesn’t have a subscription to Refworks; however, we do have access to Endnote Web  through the Web Of Knowledge database subscription and we have access to Zotero.  The Research librarians can assist you in using either of these tools.

more computers and a map of the study areas! – There are laptops at the Circulation desk that are available for use within the library.  The floor plan of the library is also available on the web.

Kindles – The library started loaning Kindles in February and just ordered two more.

These are just a few of the comments from the survey.  Please return to the blog for more survey updates over the next few weeks.



Addlestone Library is open to the College of Charleston community and affiliates via card access. Visitors may access Addlestone Library Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and must present a government issued ID and sign in upon entry.