Inventory Book 1866 - College of Charleston Libraries

August 31, 2012

Today August 24th, 2012 we completed the final check through of the inventory book, which proved to be hilarious. It took so long because we were checking and re-checking and re-checking as we thought that a mistake was made somewhere along the way as the number of tiffs was one more that what we had in the metadata.
So, upon doing all these checks and finding nothing we, meaning Harriet and myself, thought “What could the problem possible be?” “We are not crazy”…
Finally there it was, a miscount in the numbering of the Tiffs where the computer skipped number 28 and went straight to number 29. All we could do was laugh.
Completing the inventory book wasn’t very challenging as it isn’t that big a book; however it was kind of tricky since turning the pages was a bit challenging as they were sticking together a lot and the gloves weren’t helping the situation. Careful attention had to be paid to that area.
Well it’s onto the next one….Newton Day Book 1854. This is twice the size of the inventory book so let’s see what that one has to offer.

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