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August 23, 2012

image006 Addlestone Video Collection LITE Session August 30The Addlestone Film Universe:
DVD and Streaming Video

What does it all really mean?  How will this changeyour life? 

August 30, 20121/ 3pm – 4:15pm
Addlestone Library Room 129

image008 Addlestone Video Collection LITE Session August 30

To kick off our digital scholarship series this fall, the Addlestone Library is offering a panoramic tour of the Addlestone video hardcopy and streaming collections in a 75 minute LITE session.

We have over 4,000 DVD and VHS videos on our shelves for circulation and class support.  This session will teach you the most effective way to find and use what you need to teach or help your students with engaging projects and presentations.

We also introduce our video streaming services.  These consists of thousands of titles which cover innumerable topics and disciplines.  These services allow users to organize titles and segments of titles (which you can edit yourself) into folders, playlists, and favorites.   You can reorganize and re-purposed groups of titles or segments of titles for specific class projects or research needs.   Most titles contain searchable / downloadable transcripts that allow more precise searches and documentation.

You can try out our two streaming video services linked below.   Then come to the session to learn about the unique capabilities of each service including creating favorites, using transcripts and editing playlists and segments.

Academic Video Online

Films on Demand

image009 Addlestone Video Collection LITE Session August 30Get it from the Addlestone Library.  Engage and Enhance!  Be happy, content, and let video in any format be your inspiration!

Look for future digital scholarship series offerings in your mailbox in September.

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Addlestone Library is open to the College of Charleston community and affiliates via card access. Visitors may access Addlestone Library Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and must present a government issued ID and sign in upon entry.